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When you consider a coin, there will always be two sides to it, and you shouldn’t judge the coin based on one side. there are two sides to homework, either good or bad. As much as we consider stopping homework for students, let’s not forget that if it continues, it will benefit students in various ways.

Why should homework continue now?

  • Homework is believed to be best done outside the classroom, and the next available place is the home. Most students find their home best to learn and study instead of an overcrowded and noisy classroom. Students are already taught a few things in class, but when they get home, it gives them the chance to be alone and see how fast and well they understood the things taught in the classroom without the influence of their classmate or their teacher.
  • Teachers always anticipate the best of their students in the homework given. Likewise, students want to hear the comment the teacher has to say about their performance in the homework. This brings them together and strengthens their relationship bond as a teacher-student friendship. The feedback given by the teachers at this level has every tendency to encourage the student to do better in other homework.
  • Self-development and dependency are taught by giving student homework from school. Every student should be taught how to live alone and depend on their ability, and this can be easily achieved by using homework to teach them. 
  • Laziness is built up in students if they don’t have anything to do at home. Their strength, on the other hand, is encouraged and improved upon when they have homework to do. This means that laziness can be gotten rid of when homework is given.
  • Parents are also included in the benefits of homework. The parents get a chance to notice their child’s mental development and skillfulness. Through this process, parents can decide if they should involve the teacher or just help inspire the student to do more.
  • Homework requires diligence and ingenuity because students reach the peak of competition, and they want to be the best among their peers. At this point, students take homework with their entire mind, and this improves their skill.
  • A student without homework or anything to do is likely to waste their time on frivolities. Time after school can now become dangerous and disastrous to a student who doesn’t have something tangible to do with their time. If homework is given, the student will have a mind of accountability.
  • Following the school calendar, every school has a plan to organize examinations at the end of each session. And students can only get ready for testing when they have thoroughly practiced for it. One of the means of helping the student get prepared is by giving out homework to them repeatedly. Their performance in the homework will strengthen their preparation for the examination ahead.

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