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Are you falling behind in terms of college credits? Would you like to learn tips on how to gain extra credits to ensure you successfully graduate? If your answer is yes, then this article might be the key to your success. In this article, we have organized tips that help students attain extra credits. You might need to put in some extra effort for the tips to work, but it is worth it.

Many students assume that college life is super easy and that the four years will just fly by and you will graduate. However, this is not the case. Colleges provide a credit cut-off that, if not attained, then you do not graduate. Hence if your credits are a little bit too low, then there might be a problem. However, there is no need to panic, for we have got you. Here are some incredible tips that you can apply to gain those extra credits.

CLEP exams

Have you ever heard of CLEP exams? Well, these are exams that can help you out immensely, especially if you are falling behind in terms of credits. The test consists of about 80 to 100 marks on a subject that you choose. Once you select the subject, the questions are set considering all the contents of the subject, meaning that it is all-rounded on the subject, knowledge-wise. That might seem a little bit scary, but here is the catch. Once you attain a score greater than fifty, you get three credits.

CLEP exams open up doors for so many students struggling to fill up their credits. I mean, you could literally take a language test and bag those extra credits.

CLEPs are also pretty cost-efficient compared to taking up extra classes and not to mention how time-efficient they are. Hence if you are struggling to gain additional credits, then this should be your first option.

However, before you sit for CLEP exams, you should consult your advisors. They will guide you on the exams to undertake. If you satisfy all requirements via another course, you might not gain any credits from your CLEP exam. Hence ensure you consult your advisor first.

If a senior fails, they have to wait for at least 3 months before they can sit for another CLEP test. Hence they have to be extra careful.

The exams typically cost in between 80 dollars and 100 dollars. Compare that to taking a course, and you will see how vital CLEP tests are.

DSST exams

DSST exams are similar to CLEPs in that you only attain credits when you pass the set cut-off. You can always juggle the two to gain more credits. However, you should know that CLEPs are accepted more than DSST exams, so there is that. Mostly because CLEPs do not have a lot of questions.

Some students prefer DSSTs because of the many options that they offer. Of course, you can always choose to answer the questions that you find easy to handle. What’s more, you can opt to write an easy or two to gain the extra credits.

DSST exams are cheap compared to clips.

Before you decide to take the DSST exam, remember to consult your advisor first. Sometimes the institution sets some regulations that have to be met before one takes the tests.


Many students fail to graduate due to a lack of enough credits. However, if you find yourself falling behind in terms of credits, do not let it drag you down. Instead, implement the knowledge provided in this article and watch your credits move up.

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