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Sometimes, we become so exhausted that we are forced to choose between completing our homework and having a good night’s sleep. Have you been in such a situation before, and what was the outcome? If you pushed yourself through the night, you might have felt sleepy the next morning, and if you decided to sleep, you might have scored low grades. That means, choosing to sleep or do your home while exhausted have their consequences.

That is the real situation most students find themselves, especially college and university students. But do they have any choice? No, because refusing to do it also means you will lose vital marks that could have made your grades better. I don’t think you want this to happen to you, especially during your final year.

How can workers who are also schooling find a balance between dosing their home tasks and having to rest after a tiresome day? This is a million-dollar question, and there is no definite answer to it. Most students have to pick part-time jobs so they can pay for their tuition. After spending almost 7 hours in the classroom, they have to make some money, adding more stress. The situation even worsens when there is homework to do.

However, you can’t make excuses because life is tough and not for the faint-hearted. Homework teaches you how to manage your time, stay disciplined, take on challenges, and work independently, and other essential life skills. Therefore, you would need to find ways to balance your work and school life without them taking a toll on your life.

Is homework important?

Most students see homework as a waste of time and not beneficial to studies. Some even consider it as a punishment or a tool for lazy teachers. Many also complain that homework brings undue pressure on them as some are difficult to complete.

Some teachers indeed give an assignment for the fun of it coupled with unrealistic time to submit. Somethings you may even question the importance of a particular homework as it has no relation to your course of studies. That notwithstanding, we cannot overlook the importance of home assignments and their benefits to students. If for nothing, it teaches students some essential life skills while reinforcing learning. Skills like self-discipline, time-management, working independently, and high-containing pressure can all be learned through homework.

Doing homework can make you responsible and improve your decision-making. You can choose between a need and want and work over pleasure.

Also, it brings up the creativity in you. Some homework requires you to think outside the box for the best solution to a situation. By so doing, you can find answers to daunting problems, which can be a great start to your invention capabilities.

Though homework improves working independently, some particular assignments teach you how to work in a group. Such a task prepares you for the job market as you need to work with others to achieve set goals.

Some particular homework also introduces or prepares students for the next class and a new topic. With this, you can prepare your questions in advance if you didn’t understand anything while reading on the said topic.  

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