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Beach Houses

Andrew Geller was known as the architect of happiness and it's easy to see why. Sporting names like The Box Kite, The Bra, and The Reclining Picasso, his whimsical vacation homes of the 1950s and 1960s dotted the coasts of Long Island, Martha's Vineyard, and the Jersey Shore. Made mostly of wood, they combined a modern interest in light, breeze, and functional living with playful form-making. In contrast to the today's Hamptons megamansions, Geller's inexpensive homes were modest in scale and reflected the ideas of summer leisure of a generation more concerned with fun on the beach than ostentatious display. Now available in paperback, Beach Houses features more than fifty of these spirited houses in rarely seen vintage photographs and drawings.

Paperback 10.25 x 8 in; 128 pp;

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